Saran Digital Studios (SDS), an integral part of Saran Holding, has been providing localization services to many companies within the domestic borders and abroad since 2000.

SDS stands out with its around 300 professional voice talents and conducts high-quality film, documentary, cartoon, TV series and promo projects in accordance with the European dubbing standards. Owning a professional translation studio comprised of a large portfolio of translators, SDS offers tailor-made project solutions with dubbing and subtitling compatible with every available system in a variety of languages.

The company offering services to a large number of clients, such as many national and international broadcast channels, video distributors, all Pay TV and VOD platforms, also follows the latest trends in the industry and expands the range of its services and clients daily.

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Our Priorities

‘Timing and Quality’ Saran Digital has proven itself to deliver high-quality projects with tight schedules, particularly in Turkish dubbing sector. The dubbing materials received are delivered within 5 to 7 days with the most compatible context after the translation, recording, editing and mix stages are thoroughly tested. To us, large volumes signify good programming.

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Our Standards

Saran Digital identifies itself with quality. We assure this quality starting from the first contact, and again, we are responsible for permanently maintaining this quality. We aim to negotiate on certain principle factors and to consolidate these factors in the duration of our projects. We commit ourselves to consistency.

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Translation and Its Importance

Our quality standards are based on expertise and experience. We prefer to work with academically knowledgeable professionals on scientific translation projects, while, on technical translation projects, we employ experts in their specific field. Our competent editors supervise our projects in detail from different angles and inspect the compatibility and adequacy of translations produced.

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Our Difference

Alongside the Turkish dubbing services we provide throughout Turkey, we also offer our services in many different languages, including English, collaborating with our wide network of our partner studios in the Middle East, Europe and the United States. We are a big and global team.




Our company follows the latest technological developments and uses Pro Tools system, which is preferred by most professionals around the globe. The system gives its user the ability to process high-quality dubbing, voice matching, stereo and 5.1 mix projects.

Lip Synch
After the translation and adaptation stages are completed, the text is entirely synchronized with the lip movements of the speaker on the screen and recorded. Following the mixing process, the projects are delivered ready to be on air.

Voice Over
As a rule, the voice-over is added where the voice of a narrator or a voice heard over the image of the speaker on the screen. It is mostly preferred in documentaries.



With our large portfolio of clients, including many national and international television channels, studios , world’s leading SVOD companies and numerous digital platforms, our company has been going from strength to strength since its foundation. Operating in various languages with a huge team of translators. SDS provides dubbing and subtitle translations are completely compatible with your systems and in line with your requirements.


Media Services

In addition to our localization services, we offer additional turnkey solutions. Master image versioning, formatting, audio matching, converting, final output customization are amongst our technical services. Furthermore, our studios equipped with Final Cut and Avid systems cater to all encoding and transcoding systems, if required, editing and montage needs as well. Here are some examples you could be interested:

QT Wrap Out: 5.1 & 2.0 Single 8-channel Mixed Audio File

Burn Subtitles: This is the technique of writing subtitles on a video file.

Frame Rate Synchronization: The synchronization of audio and video with frame rate differences.

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Access Services

Life in our modern world is dependent on the balance between providing every individual with technology, information and knowledge under equal terms. We, SDS, are a leading company in Turkey, which sensitively looks after accessibility rights of every single person and makes sure that every content is made accessible with audio descriptions for the visually impaired, with closed captions or live sign language interpretation for the hearing impaired.

Audio Descriptions
A dubbing option where a recorded narrator explains what is happening on the screen in gaps in the dialogue.

Closed Captions / SDH Subtitling
Displaying text of names, effects and the music in the subtitle.

Sign Language
An accessibility option icon visible on the lower right corner of the screen indicating that the contents support a live sign language interpretation.


Since we are already specialized in Turkish, now we offer our subtitle and dubbing services in 33 different languages. We particularly support our popular national drama TV series and conduct our projects providing adaptation to the target languages and cultures upon request. Please contact us for further information.


SDS is the proud and exclusive partner of Adstream, world’s largest advertising platform that manages contents and delivery of brands, in Turkey since 2012. We provide delivery and asset management services to major advertisers and agencies. Specialized on delivering their advertising contents to all broadcasters in Turkey and around the world. The asset management and delivery of advertising contents of major companies, including Unilever, P&G, Turkish Airlines and Warner Bros are conducted directly by our company.
For more information on Adstream’s services including asset management, please visit www.adstream.com or email traffic.tr@adstream.com


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You can contact our team of professionals about the services you need and make your request.

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Burcu Senbakar Doyum

Director of Studios & Production
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Kadriye Ozdemir

Operation Manager
Theatrical, Local Digital Platforms
& TV Channels



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